The Never Ending Rumspringa

Another Day, Another Dollar

So I got a nice little paycheck from Deborah for my help with Brogan last week and boy did I need that. I can actually afford things now! She did have some follow up work that she needed done, though. The crate that was sent to Brogan’s shop was apparently from a group called PTC and she wanted me to look into it. Her best guess is that they’ve been specifically targeting our clients and we needed to know the “who” and the “why.”

Naturally, I went straight to work and discovered that they’re a shipping company called Planar Trading Company. Their website was a god-awful mess, but I was able to pull some information and got a copy of their shipping manifest. According to the records, there were two other shipments made around the same time Brogan got his otyugh-filled crate. One was to the Academy of Natural Sciences and the other was to Spider, a new restaurant/night club on 3rd and Chestnut.

I did some digging on Spider first and found some odd reports of vandalism and assaults on employees that were never followed up on. I think the management dropped the charges every time there was an incident. Figured I’d check the place out first. My impression of the place? Ritzy. I picture lots of young Philly socialites spending their nights here to enjoy the food and be seen. Not really my scene or in my price range. Also, the maitre d’ was a massive shadowkind – bugbear probably. I said I worked for the Daily News and asked him to leave a message with the management to call me back in regards to an interview.

Then, I did a quick casing of the Academy of Natural Sciences. Turns out the place was closed due to some kind of incident. My guess is they already got hit with the same type of thing Brogan did. It was getting kind of late and I really didn’t want to sneak into the museum so I decided to check out Brogan’s fight club instead.

I drove over to Brogan’s place where he lead me downstairs to a hidden basement area. I got the quick rundown of how the fights go. You can use anything you have access to, but try to keep the collateral damage down. Even live ammo gets a green since they have their own medics on standby. The place was packed – mostly goblins and other humans, but there were some other shadowkind that I’d never seen before – and it was like a European soccer game crowd on steroids.

My first fight was with a minotaur called Bolero. I know right? Even so, the guy looked dangerous. Brogan told me to watch out for his charge since one stab from those horns would probably end me. Then I had to suffer the most dreaded part of fight club – coming up with a code name. The best I cold blurt out was “Nightshade.” God, I’m so lame.

Once the fight started, I barely managed to dodge Bolero’s initial charge. The guy’s fast! I managed to pull of my shield spell before he started to wail on me and it barely held. I got off a couple shots on him (kind of hard to miss a giant minotaur) before he backed up for another charge. I managed to close the distance and started taking more shots as I circled around him. Unfortunately, I forgot about the pipe he had picked up earlier and he somehow landed a pretty nasty blow to my head. We were both pretty banged up, but I ended the fight using my burning hands spell as a nice little finale’. I think I singed the crowd a bit, but they still ate it up.

Got paid for a job well done. My head still hurts though and the weird doc didn’t do much to help. Probably some kind of quack.



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