The Never Ending Rumspringa

Brunch or Death?

No news from Spider so figured I’d have to take the initiative today and do a little infiltration work. I was worried the maitre d’ would remember who I was so I came up with this elaborate story to get myself into the place, but when I got there in the morning he just said, “Deliveries in the back.”


I walked around towards the back, did the incantations for my magic ID spell, and managed to pass myself off as a health inspector. Everything was pretty much in order. The kitchen looked pretty standard and a search of the area didn’t reveal much. So I headed down the elevator to the club area. Christ, the place must have cost several arms and legs to make. It was a freaking underground cave molded into a club scene. And there was an honest to goodness lagoon!

I did some more searching and found an open crate in the storage room. It was about the same size as the one Brogan received and the inside had a lot of scratches as if there used to be something alive inside it. Not good. Not a good sign at all.

I pulled out my gun and took a closer look around the club area, but couldn’t find anything. That meant the only place it could be hiding was the lagoon. I tried to look inside the water, but all I could see was my reflection. So, I put a light spell on a spoon from a nearby table and tossed it in to see what was inside. I will say that his probably wasn’t one of my most intelligent ideas, but what else was I going to do? I sure as hell wasn’t going to put my face up to it or stick my hand in.

And that’s when it all went to hell. I almost dropped a brick in my pants when I saw the reptilian monster at the bottom of that pool of water. It opened its eyes and the whole lagoon exploded in a frothy mess. I ran for cover and to keep some distance between us, but it was pointless. The thing just opened it’s fanged maw and spat out a stream of acid at me. I took a couple shots at it, but I don’t think I hurt it at all. I made a mad dash to the elevator, but the thing just caught up to me like it was nothing. I put up my shield spell and managed to make it to the elevator just as the thing broke through my shield and clamped its teeth into my shoulder. And that’s when I passed out.

All I could think as I lost consciousness was that I was really going to die here. This thing’s going to eat me in this over-the-top James Bond-esque club. I should’ve stayed in Lancaster. Fortunately for me, it wasn’t the end. I woke up to that odd quack of a doctor from the fight club and two slim, dark-skinned men were looking over me – kind of reminded me of that time I was in Cancun. Twin drow and two bugbears (I think?). What the hell did I get myself into.

After a short talk, I spilled the beans and we swapped info. I mean, I was still alive and they seemed the kind of the honest sort. The slick looking one was Kerrinor and he said he was the owner of Spider. The other one was his assistant, Deryn. The best we could figure out was the crate was sent by a faction of PTC that’s been trying to wrest control from its current leader, Estevan. Three of his associates – Alc’arteth, Pain Bringer, and Bittle Beak – were apparently making a power play and “encouraging” PTC’s clients to side with them. Kerrinor turned them down and that’s apparently why they were sent a crate with a crazy ass dragon in it.

He said the Corsone family was also making a similar move, so there may be a connection. It also explains the assaults and vandalism reports. I’ve got to figure this all out, but right now I need a cold beer and a lot of sleep. This is getting ridiculous.



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