The Never Ending Rumspringa

Retrieval Specialist

So I got a call from Deryn, Kerrinor’s assistant, regarding Kerrinor’s lost cell phone. To make up for the help they gave me last time we met, he said this would even things out. I’m not particularly keen on debt, so figured this was a good deal to be had.

The cell phone apparently has sentimental value. That and some really important, confidential information on it. Deryn said that it’s probably at a warehouse owned by the Corsone syndicate – of course. It’s located down in the Italian Market named, aptly, Mom & Pop’s Italian Goods. Some initial research into the place turned up little info. It’s a pretty clean cut produce store that’s been operating for the last 20 years after the couple moved to Philly from Italy.

I finally did a little stakeout (how cool is that!) and managed to sneak into the back of the place. I managed to get into the basement which lead to this massive storage area. I don’t think this is normally included in typical South Philly establishments. Before I knew it, it all went to hell. Guards found me and I think I blew up their generator.

I did manage to find the cell phone in one of the storage areas after fending off more guards and a freakin’ panther! In hindsight, when it turned back into this onyx statue, I should’ve nabbed it. Poop. Whatever. In the end, I got the cell phone back to Kerrinor, paid off my debt, and managed to get home in one piece. I count that as a win.



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