Planar Trading Consortium

The Planar Trading Consortium is a shipping and trading company of unknown origin. Little is known about this company other than that it deals in otherworldly goods.

Both Spider and Grays Ferry Chop Shop and Fight Club receive goods from the PTC.

Kerrinor Fellowes informed Ephram that the PTC is currently in the midst of a hostile takeover. Alc’Arteth, Bittlebeak, and Painbringer, a trio of fiends, were attempting to wrest control from the current leader, Estevan.

Apparently, the trio have contacted several PTC customers in an attempt to poach their business. Those that refuse have found it difficult to continue their daily lives without “distractions.”

At first, Kerrinor sided with Estevan out of loyalty for prior good service. Kerrinor has stated, however, that if Estevan cannot keep his business dealings in order, he would be forced to deal with the trio, both to prevent further “distractions” as well as to insure uninterrupted service.

Deborah, after considerable research, has located the location of Estevan’s estate, but it has considerable defenses.

Planar Trading Consortium

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