Two Rivers Coven

The Two Rivers Coven is the predominant Philadelphia coven. It currently has 11 members.

The Two Rivers Coven keeps a tight reign on mages within the greater Philadelphia region. The coven’s main goal is two ensure that no rogue magicians threaten the area, whether through incompetence or machinations.

All magic users that come to the attention of the coven are given an ultimatum: join the guild and be held by its regulations, or be expelled from the city (by force if necessary.)

Of course, some magic-users escape notice of the coven, and some join other organizations.

The High Priest(ess) controls the coven, while the provost is second-in-command. The archivist is in charge of the coven’s material resources (namely the extensive library), while the scribe is in charge of the coven’s financial resources. Members have voting privileges, while initiates do not.

The coven uses Raven’s Loft Occult Shop as a base of operations.


Full Initiation into the coven can be requested at any time. The coven will convene a summit to discuss the merits of your initiation. Successfully completed guild missions, monetary or material gains provided to the coven, and over all strength of the initiating mage are taken into account.

The initiate is allowed to present his case before each full member. Each member then casts a vote either for or against the initiating member.

The initiate must then lead and perform an arduous ritual to gain full membership. Full membership provides a variety of benefits, though the extent of said benefits are known only to the initiated.

  1. High Priestess: Cordelia
  2. Provost: Nigel Whiting
  3. Archivist: Caleb Devenish
  4. Scribe: Deborah
  5. Member: Devon
  6. Member: Geoffrey
  7. Member: Richard
  8. Member: Page
  9. Member: Reka
  10. Member: Kathleen
  11. Member: Linda
  12. Initiate: Ephram Stoltzfus

Two Rivers Coven

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